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Cultural Community Solutions (CCS) follows a three stage process for complaintsCultural Community Solutions (CCS) follows a three stage process for complaints:

Stage 1

The first time a complaint is raised, it will be recorded as a Stage 1 Complaint. The complaint will be assigned to the manager responsible for the area of service to which the complaint relates.

The assigned manager will investigate the individual points of complaint raised and will base their response upon the outcome of their investigation. A complaint may be upheld, partially upheld or not upheld. If the complaint covers several elements, the outcome to each aspect may be different.

Our response will advise the customer of the outcome of their complaint, and the basis on which the decision has been made. Where a complaint is upheld, we will outline our intended action to resolve the complaint.

Stage 2

If a customer remains unhappy with the outcome of their initial complaint at Stage 1, they may request that the complaint be escalated to Stage 2. In doing so, the complainant must outline specifically why they remain dissatisfied with the response and what they would expect as an outcome to satisfy their complaint.

All Stage 2 complaints will be assigned to a Senior Manager for independent assessment, which will include a review of the original investigation and interview with the manager who issued the response at Stage 1. The Stage 2 response will be made within 10 working days.

Stage 3

Following investigation at Stages 1 and 2 by Cultural Community Solutions Managers; a complainant may escalate their complaint directly to Croydon Council, on whose behalf we operate the library service. The complaint at this stage would be investigated independently by the Client Manager (the individual who manages the contract with Cultural Community Solutions).

If a customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of a Stage 3 complaint investigation, they have the right to escalate their complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman:

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