Cut Energy Bills

Cut your household energy bills and help tackle climate change!

Energy Saving TrustBorrow an energy monitor free of charge from Croydon libraries

A trip to a Croydon library could help you cut household energy bills and save money. The Energy Saving Trust advice centre for London has partnered with Croydon's library service to loan library users energy monitors to see how much they can cut their electricity bills and save money.

Residents borrowing the monitors will instantly be able to find out which electrical appliances are costing them the most money to run.

The monitors are easy to install, a simple fact sheet on how to fit them is provided. They come with a portable display showing how much electricity is being used in costs per hour, kilowatts or and associated greenhouse gases emitted. Energy monitors can be borrowed free of charge from any Croydon library.

If you would like to find out more about ways to save energy in your home please call the Energy Saving Trust advice centre for London on 0800 512 012. They offer impartial advice and information on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport. Alternatively you can visit the Energy Saving Trust website.