Children’s stories

Bravo Grace by Mary HoffmanBravo, Grace
Mary Hoffman
Grace's mother is marrying Vincent and they're moving next door - so there's a new bridesmaid's outfit and a new bedroom for Grace to think about.

Starring Grace
Mary Hoffman
Grace joins her friends in a series of dramatic holiday adventures, using her imagination to become just about anything she wants.

Encore, Grace
Mary Hoffman
Grace finds that her family is changing and so is her group of friends.

Elephant Child
Mary Ellis
The story of  a child who has a special relationship with elephants.

Indian Tales
Shenaaz Nanji and Christopher Corr
Magical spirits in the mountains of the northeast, sneaky robbers and brave heroines in the heart of the Indus Valley; action and adventure and more!
Jessame Stories
Julia Jarman
Jessame doesn't mind being called Jessy, or Messy Jessy or Baddy Addy. Her full name is Jessame Aduke Olusanya.

Song of the Trees
Mildred D. Taylor
The story of a girl named Cassie, who hears the trees singing outside her bedroom window.

The Well
Mildred D. Taylor
In Mississippi in the early 1900s ten-year-old David Logan's family generously share their well water with both white and black neighbours in an atmosphere of potential racial violence.

There's more to a Banana
Rita Phillips Mitchell
Melanie and her sister Flora live in the Caribbean. Like most sisters they argue, but they also have a lot of fun - playing marbles in the park, taking a busman's holiday or visiting a banana plantation.

One for Me, One for You
Rita Phillips Mitchell
Four lively stories about Melanie and her sister Flora. Their surname is Treble, but it might as well be Trouble, because that is what they are!