History and geography

A Flavour of the Caribbean
Linda Illesly
Caribbean food and festivals.

A World of Recipes
Julie McCulloch
Simple, healthy recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Leila Merrell Foster
Learn about the world's longest freshwater lake, the hottest place on Earth, and the longest river in the world. When was the Great Pyramid of Giza was built and why?

Yvonne Ayo
A guide to the peoples of this vast continent, this is an 'eyewitness' view of the houses, tools, and artefacts of African cultures and civilisations.

Ancient African Town
Fiona Macdonald
This book explores what life was like in an ancient African town.

East Africa
Rob Bowden and Tony Binn
East Africa, concentrating on the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

I Come From Somalia
J. Matthews
This book help the reader to understand who these children are, the country they come from and their new lives in the West.

Henry Pluckrose
The colourful history, culture and customs of this Caribbean island.

Kamal goes to Trinidad
Malcolm Frederick
On his first visit to the islands where his parents were born, Kamal learns steelpans and listens to calypso.

Life in Ancient Africa
Hazel Richardson
The major civilisations of ancient Africa with maps, photographs and illustrations.

Bridget Giles
Nigeria is Africa's most populous country. Learn why this oil-rich land is so troubled.

South Africa
Rob Bowden
A book about South Africa's government and people.

The Caribbean and its People
T.W. Mayer
The Caribbean people and their environment, and how immigrants throughout history have created a diverse society.

The Landscape of St. Lucia
Alison Brownlie
The world's only drive-in volcano, a beautiful rainforest, a bumper crop of bananas, and a bright green parrot.

The People of St Lucia
Alison Brownlie
Jobs, homes, friends and lifestyles.

Traditions from the Caribbean
Paul Dash
The sound of calypso music played on steel drums and blazes of wonderful costumes.