Library Services for Schools, Nurseries & Playgroups

Library services for schools, nurseries and playgroupsWe work in partnership with schools, nurseries and playgroups to enhance children's information-finding skills and their love of books and reading.

Class visits to libraries

You are welcome to bring your class to visit any Croydon library. Library staff will:

  • ·     explain how to join the library and what materials are available
  • ·     explain how to find books and information
  • ·     encourage the children to enjoy stories and reading
  • ·     give the children time to look at books and listen to stories. 

Library staff visits to schools, nurseries and playgroups

Library staff will visit schools, nurseries and playgroups to talk about the libraries or take part in a book week. Visits may include: 

  • ·     an introduction to the public library - how to join and what materials are available
  • ·     a discussion about books and reading
  • ·     time to look at books and listen to stories.

You can book a visit by contacting your local library.

Borrowing library items

Unfortunately, we cannot lend collections of books for use in schools.

However, playgroups, nurseries, childminders, home educators and parent and toddler groups can apply for a special ticket to borrow extra books.

For more information on borrowing from the libraries see Library membership for childminders and home educators.

Reference and information services

All Croydon libraries have a core reference collection and trained staff to help students to use it.

The Central Library has comprehensive information resources in all subjects, including unique local studies materials, plus excellent IT facilities. 

Group visits built around project work and reference skills can be booked by contacting the Central Children's Library.

Homework and revision help

We hold homework help clubs in Ashburton, Broad Green, Central, New Addington, Norbury and South Norwood Libraries. We can also provide internet links to useful websites for a wide range of subjects.

Help and advice

Library staff are always willing to help and advise parents, children and teachers who are looking for information or suitable books for homework or leisure.

Contact Details

Children's Library Services

Department: Children, families and learning

Telephone: 020 8726 6900